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We are your favorite Vaastumart. Welcome to your one stop vastu solution. It’s a name you can trust and count on.

Vaastumart is a hub of plethora of products in relation to Astrology, Fengshui, Pyramid, Crystals, Gems, Reiki products, Rudraksh and rare items of Astrology. Today Vaastumart has made its strong presence felt in this field in providing consultation regarding remedies of Vastudosh problems. Also, we are providing consultation in the field of Astrology. We are serving the customers with genuine products of Vastu as well as Fengshui as it has developed a big market in this field.

Vaastumart is all about bringing prosperity and healthy living. Vastu is ailing art that heals the doshas and provides utmost solution. These imbalances can pave way to negativity. Indeed, the positive living and prosperity is what we all desire and crave for. Here, you will get all the products that will make you prosperous and healthy. We believe in providing solutions to the troubled locations that cause problems in lives. We firmly believe in the fact that every one needs a prosperous life. We deliver and cater to vastu needs of our customers who are valuable and esteemed. Vaastumart ardently supports the notion that vastu can make or break the situations and aspects related to inappropriate location of the rooms, business houses, offices etc.

We deal in following:

  • Vastu items
  • Vastu yantras
  • Feng shui items and posters
  • Vastu consultation
  • Customer service and support

Our specialties and what we deal in:

Vaastumart presents gifting solutions to its clients who want perfect gifts for his or her loved ones. Our Online Vastu Portal offers in handing over high-quality, actual and first-class vastu and Fengshui objects to the customers. All varieties of products are energized and instilled with positivity before managing them to the esteemed and worthy clients. The products which can be to be had in Vaastumart.com are actual, modern-day, dependable, excellent examined and assured. These merchandises assist in negating negative outcomes and flip them to positivity in your property, administrative centre and offices.

Objects used in Vastu, reiki, Acupressure: We offer real vastu items that are utilized in Vastu, Reiko, and acupressure. Vaastumart.com is an internet portal that instils faith and believes in minds of clients. Our on-line vastu keep gives the high-quality vastu add-ons, merchandise, vastu objects and vastu Yantra. For instance, the goods range from copper vastu Surya, vastu tapes, vastu metallic strips and many others, acupressure hand griper and so forth.

All type of spiritual & fengsui Posters: Fengshui objects inclusive of posters, crystals, giggling Buddha are some of the glimpses of the product variety. Non secular objects including idols and statues also are available on our vastu on line portal. lucky nine, Koi Fish Carp, Golden Lotus Pond Canvas painting, current Posters and Prints Wall art Feng Shui image for bedroom also are available on our online vastu shop.

All type of Yantras in copper & silver: Vastu yantras are also considered one of our services from our vastu online portal that is vastumart.in. Vastu yantras which include vastu dosh nivaran Yantra, copper Yantra, copper Surya yantras and so on also are available.

Items & Fengsui objects: Our Vastu portal provides pleasant satisfactory present and fengshui items. Vaastumart.com is the satisfactory and ideal gifting solution to your all-gifting wishes. Vaastumart delivers these Feng shui merchandise to you. For instance, Feng Shui tortoise, Evil eye to protect your prosperity and ward off evil, 3-legged frog, The guffawing Buddha, Wind chime, Crystal lotus, Mandarin duck.

Parad shivlinga is also available here: An answer for all of your negativity and perfect present for childless couples. Parad or mercury shivling is the purest shape of shivling that is also one of the vaastumart products.


Vaastumart endeavours at covering all of the diverse and colourful elements of vastu. We have most effective offers, making plans, designing, diagnosing a problem and presenting the right line of treatment so that you can gain the preferred consequences but intend to offer a higher healthful dwelling with the aid of supplying diverse vastu services and treatments.

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